Canacona agitators give an ultimatum to KR till 10th Feb…

Members of Swabhimani Jagruth Canconkar, Senior Citizens of Canacona, “Vision & Mission…Progressive Canacona”, Jana Sena Warriors, Canacona Patrakar Sangh & concerned citizens of Canacona met to discuss & deliberate future plans of action to intensify the Railway agitations. During the meeting, a stalemate after 19th Jan. 2023, when a joint meeting was held with senior officials of KR was discussed.

After discussing all pros & cons of the issue/agitation, it was decided to give an ultimatum till 10th Feb. (15 days ultimatum given on 19th Jan is expired on 5th Feb., plus additional 5 days). If the KR, the MLA of Canacona, or the Govt. of Goa fails to resolve the issue of stopping/halting Long Distance/Express Trains at Canacona Railway Station by 10th Feb., it has been decided to intensify the Railway agitation & may be organized in any form, Rasta Roko, Railway Roko or Canacona Bandh. The Railway Agitators have warned the Govt. that if any unwanted incident or any bodily damage occurs to any senior citizen of Canacona, the Govt. of Goa will be solely responsible for all consequences as the lethargy of Govt has forced these senior citizens to come on the street.

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