Karachi Suicide Bomber had Master’s Degree

Karachi :
The woman who carried out a suicide attack inside the University of Karachi on Tuesday, which killed three Chinese nationals, was highly educated and a mother of two children, according to Afghan journalist Bashir Ahmad Gwakh. Identified as Shari Baloch, the 30-year-old woman “had a Master’s degree in Zoology and MPhil in education while teaching at a school.”

The separatist Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) claimed responsibility for the suicide attack on Tuesday.

In another tweet, journalist Bashir Ahmad Gwakh added, “None of Shari Baloch’s family members are directly harmed by Pakistan army, so her choosing this path must ring alarm bells. Whatever her reasons are for her action, it surely opens a new bloody chapter in Baloch armed struggle.” In the same tweet, he also shared a statement on Shari Baloch released by the BLA.

According to the statement, Shari Baloch had joined the BLA’s Majeed Brigade two years ago. It added that six months ago she “confirmed that she continues to stand by her decision of carrying out a self-sacrificing act”.

CCTV footage of the incident showed a woman in a burqa blowing herself up near the van carrying the Chinese nationals.

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