Kirron Kher called ‘arrogant’ for saying non-voters should be slippered

BJP leader Kirron Kher is under fire for an apparent sense of entitlement given away by her recent public appearance in Punjab. The two-time MP, from Chandigarh, was addressing an audience during a foundation stone laying ceremony in Kishangarh when she rather unambiguously said those who didn’t vote for her should be thrashed with slippers.

“Agar Deep Complex mein ek bhi banda mere ko vote na daale to phir badi laanat ki baar hai…Jakar chittar ferne unko (After everything I’ve done Deep Complex, if even a single voter in the assembly doesn’t vote for me, it’d be a shame and they should be slippered.),” Kher said, while talking about supposed infrastructural developments in the Chandigarh sub-unit.

According to The Indian Express, the BJP MP was sitting on-stage with Chandigarh mayor Anup Gupta and Municipal Corporation commissioner Anindita Mitra, when she used the unsavoury language to appeal to potential non-voters.

The seemingly-candid statement wasn’t perceived to be in particularly good taste, drawing sharp criticism from Congress party members.

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