‘Mahadev Dessai has no right to talk about JANA & Congress’

Canacona :

Trinamool Congress’ defeated Candidate Mahadev Dessai is a betrayer of the Congress Party and has no right to speak on our leader Jana Bhandari and Congress Party charged Canacona Block Congress President Pralay Bhagat.

In a press statement issued today sharply reacting to the statement made by TMC Candidate Mahadev Dessai blaming Janardhan Bhandari for his failure to win Canacona seat, Canacona Block Congress President Pralay Bhagat has termed the same as unwarranted and uncalled-for remarks.

TMC’s imported Candidate Mahadev Dessai who claimed yesterday to be a popular leader of Canacona, could garner only 1066 votes in the recently held elections. This exposes his popularity and the so-called hard work claimed by him stated Pralay Bhagat.

It is loud and clear that Mahadev Desai deserted the Congress Party during the Assembly Election 2022 only for selfish gains. He has no moral right to speak about loyal and dedicated Congressman like Janardhan Bhandari. It was the loyalty of Jana Bhandari which helped him get the Congress candidature from Canacona. Janardhan Bhandari has worked selflessly for the Congress Party for more than 30 years. He has risen to the top post through grassroot level only after working hard in Student Cell, NSUI,Youth Congress, GPCC and also at Booth, Block & District levels of Congress Party claimed Pralay Bhagat.

I want to remind betrayer Mahadev Dessai that Jana Bhandari has led number of agitations, protests fearlessly from the front, not only in Canacona but across Goa. He was even brutally assaulted in the past by political rivals but he refused to budge down & always kept the Congress Party alive in Canacona. It was Jana Bhandari who kept the Congress Flag flying when the then elected MLA betrayed Congress for personal gains and defected to BJP said Pralay Bhagat.

All the loyal Congressmen in Canacona know Jana’s contribution for the Party & don’t need advice from a betrayer like Mahadev Dessai stated Pralay Bhagat.

Mahadev Desai must first learn that taking tuitions from Margao based so-called “Political Strategist” will not help him win elections. It is the ground connect which helps in winning peoples confidence and trust Pralay Bhagat said.

The entire Canacona Block along with all the Frontal Organisations of the Party are with our leader Janardhan Bhandari. We hope that the new leadership in Congress will never fall prey to opportunists and will respect the hardwork, loyalty and dedication of true Congress workers.

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