Sanal Kumar Sasidharan arrested for stalking actor Manju Warrier


Award-winning Malayalam film director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan has been arrested by the police for allegedly stalking and harassing actor Manju Warrier. The problems started after a dispute with Manju Warrier’s manager on the shooting set of his movie, ‘Kayattam.

After the shooting of the movie, Sanal Kumar tried to meet Manju Warrier several times but was not allowed to see or talk to her as she found his behaviour “abnormal”. After this, Sanal Kumar campaigned on social media saying that Manju Warrier’s life was in danger and that the actress was in the custody of some people and the public should intervene to save her.

Sanal Kumar claimed that he had directed the movie ‘Kayattam’ with Manju in the lead role after she called him directly. Sanal Kumar Sasidharan had approached some producers and private financial institutions intending to direct another film with Manju Warrier.

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